The Raum Objects – Carolin Balas Pavisic

With her sculptural objects, designer Carolin Balas Pavisic intends to break up generic structures and give space to changing needs.

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The Raum Objects has been brought to life by Carolin Balas Pavisic for “raum Hamburg” – and now for everybody.

With a Hamburg based location for art and events called “raum”, designer and photographer Carolin Balas Pavisic started the examination of her primary object of investigation: space. After focusing on the intagible usage of space, she now deals with the physical aspects of spatial design with The Raum Objects.

Through geometric abstraction, The Raum Objects seamlessly unite form and function. The versatile sculptures offer diverse surfaces, corners, and spaces, thus stimulating the imagination. They turn their owners into protagonists, becoming their conceptual projection surface. The collection consists of five imaginative yet extremely minimalistic characters – to sit on, to store your magazines in, to rest your feet under.

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