RSUP–2 Chair

RSUP–2 is part of a collection of four chairs, each representing one letter in the word “Raum”. RSUP–2 opens up the question: How do you use an a? The four individual objects can be put together, side by side, and they interlock to form a bench. Imperfect and then again perfect.

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79 cm
Seat Height
40,5 cm
40 cm
53 cm


27,7 kg

Color Options

Cabola Yellow
RAL 1021
RAL 1019
Bright Red
RAL 3024
Gentian Blue
RAL 5010
Steel Blue
RAL 5011
Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016
Jet Black
RAL 9005
Signal White
RAL 9003

Additional Colors

RAL colors on request

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Our furniture pieces act as modular sculptures, expressing their individual characters through rectangular shapes. The collection is designed to inspire an act of co-creation between your space and the pieces.

Each object is handmade in Germany, made of steel and powder coated. Available in different colors.

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