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In her approach to interior design, Carolin Balas Pavisic has embraced a minimalist philosophy and finds beauty in simplicity, even in things that are perfectly imperfect. Her passion lies in the variety of materials and their combination with minimalist design. The beauty of simplicity drives her, as she aims for a unique mixture of coziness, minimalism, clear design, and materials that resonate with her.

To Carolin Balas Pavisic, home and workplace should always be functional and feel-good places. A design for such spaces should fill the owners as well as their visitors with a special feeling of soulful simplicity. She believes in the concept of "less is more" and in the dynamism unleashed by a thoughtful and intentional interior design that allows spaces to reflect the soul and personality of their inhabitants.

If you are interested in working with Carolin Balas Pavisic on your own interior design, feel free to contact her using the following contact form.

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With a Hamburg-based location for art and events called "raum", designer and photographer Carolin Balas Pavisic started the examination of her primary object of investigation: space. After focusing on the intangible usage of space, she now deals with the physical aspects of spatial design with The Raum Objects.

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Enter "raum" – a space where minimalism meets functionality and where reflective silence blends with brutalism. As a foundation for collaborations with various artists, each collaboration interprets and utilizes the space in its own unique way, adding new layers to the experience.

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